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Therapeutic Riding refers to various horse related activities, with an emphasis on learning functional riding and horsemanship skills for physical and developmental purposes. Therapeutic Riding is beneficial for people of all ages with physical, emotional, social, and developmental exceptionalities, and helps to promote overall health and wellbeing.


School Program Information

School Trip Option One

April-June & Sept-Dec


Would your students like to experience therapeutic riding? This option allows students to participate in a one hour therapeutic riding lesson as a group. The hour lesson includes basic riding skills and educational games and activities on horseback. Please contact us to discuss your goals for the lesson

Cost $20.00 (per student)

Duration: One Hour

Therapeutic Riding Lessons

With this option students get a weekly one hour therapeutic riding lesson as a group for ten weeks. The one hour lesson includes basic riding skills and educational games and activities on horseback. For more information on therapeutic riding lessons please click the button below.

$400.00 (per student)

School Trip Option Two

April-June & Sept-Dec


Option 2 allows your class to spend more time at the stables. Students break into two groups and alternate between an hour therapeutic riding lesson and an hour of stable management. The stable management portion includes a farm tour, brushing the horses and learning about horse care

Cost $25.00 (per student)

Duration: Two Hours

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"I enjoyed working with a variety of students and loved seeing their confidence grow from start to finish"

Schools Plus

"FSTRA provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. Dedicated and caring volunteers are matched with students for extra support. All of our students have had amazing learning experiences in a variety of FSTRA programs from one-on-one and small group lessons to larger special group programs"

Parent of FSTRA Rider

"Rohan Wood Stables is such a friendly and welcoming place. I don't think you've realized what a difference this has made in our lives"

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